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Are competitor patents blocking you? Tuesday 13 Mar 2018

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Over 20,000 standard Australian patents were granted in 2017, and it is very possible that some of these are blocking your clients’ innovations.

While patent examination can be a rigorous process, it's almost never exhaustive. It is often possible to find previously unfound highly relevant prior art, which can invalidate these patents, and therefore increase your client’s freedom to operate.

Glasshouse Advisory has developed some highly unique and proprietary tools and processes for invalidating patents.

These include:

  • Advanced keyword analytics that can focus the search onto the patents most likely to be relevant;
  • Citation based searching tools, that only grow more useful the longer a patent has been published, as citation links build up over time; and
  • An increasing range of patent and non-patent publication databases.

These tools in combination with access to advanced subscription databases mean that Glasshouse Advisory is uniquely placed to find prior art that can either invalidate or greatly weaken unwanted patents.

Our service is fast, responsive, and built on a good general knowledge of Australian and international patent law.

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