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Innovation is essential in the knowledge economy and central to business competitiveness and growth.

The ability to systematically generate, evaluate and develop ideas to create intangible assets is fundamental in the innovation process.

Glasshouse Advisory applies leading practices in innovation theory through its unique lens of IP to drive value creation from ideas.

The knowledge economy is built on new ideas but ideas alone do not deliver value. Ideas need to be curated in the context of the business, markets and IP to deliver innovation value.

At Glasshouse Advisory we help our clients create value in the ideation process by assisting in sourcing ideas internally and through collaboration, and by creating clear context for ideas within the client’s own organisation and within the market and IP landscapes. By creating both this internal and external alignment real value can be obtained.

Our ideation services include:

  • Consulting services to assist in innovation and transformation projects using leading practices in innovation process; 
  • Sourcing opportunities for collaboration and external invention development using Glasshouse Advisory’s analytic services and our extensive network of research and corporate contacts;
  • Creating trusted environments for collaboration and external invention development;
  • Running workshops and in-house programs on innovation. These programs include interactive spark and share and the idea diagnostic process;
  • Conducting idea diagnostics to evaluate the opportunity for IP protection and the associated commercial risks; and
  • Providing valuation based reports for investors (both internal and external) to advance the idea development.

It is Glasshouse Advisory’s comprehensive understanding of innovation, finance and the IP landscape, and integrated skillsets that enables the development of effective strategies to secure value from ideas.


Consulting services

Collaborative workshops in inventive problem formulation and solving, stakeholder value mapping for future proofing, stakeholder inertia mapping for strategic transformation.

Interactive spark and share sessions

Ideation interactive sessions to spark and share ideas

This is a concise and engaging workshop for participants from client organisations and/or other stakeholders.

Our experienced facilitators enable a safe and open environment, drawing out participants’ expert knowledge and diverse perspectives. Participants can be across functions, technology teams and hierarchies.

Everyone in the room brings value, so we help you extract deeper insight from your collective intelligence. We’ll guide you to individual reflection, team collaboration and group discussion.
We consult with you through every stage of the process.

Idea diagnostic process

The workshop session builds your IP and commercial knowledge to

  • assesses commercial opportunities and risks; and
  • to articulate and quantify the potential value of your IP.
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