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A Licensing Strategy

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Our client is a family-run company with innovative, patented technology in the construction industry. The intended commercialisation path was through licensee and joint venture with established players in the industry. After many tough years of R&D (funded by family, friends, grants and the R&D tax incentive) our client required advice in developing a licensing strategy.


Our IP Economics and legal team provided IP monetisation advice in two steps.

Step one

Glasshouse Advisory developed a high-level framework for prioritising markets and selecting commercialisation partners. A ‘monetisation matrix’ was produced, based on:

  • identification and rating potential of commercialisation partners included engineering firms, manufacturers of building products, modifiers and channel partners;
  • prioritisationt of all applications of the technology;
  • ring-fencing and rating of all potential licensing segments;
  • evaluation of the strategic benefits of targeted licensees, territories and tech applications.

This step tightened management’s focus, and helped get an initial agreement over the line - with the proceeds from the first deal funding an international licensing program.

Step two

Based on an assessment of the expected economic contribution of the IP, and a review of royalties for comparable IP, we made recommendations regarding:

  • the structuring of licensing fees and appropriate royalty rates; and
  • provided support in preparing the necessary legal documents.


Being well aware of the difficulty of creating and commercialising innovative technology, it was great to be invited to the launch of the pilot project developed by the client and its multinational licensee.


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