Analytics and Patent Research

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In today’s competitive global market, making informed decisions is critical to achieving return on investment in research and new technologies.

Our analytics and patent research team uses customised tools and techniques to delve deep into IP data, analyse results and produce rich insights enabling you to make business decisions with confidence.

The opportunities and risks of innovation are analysed using a range of sources drawn from patent, trade mark and litigation databases as well as financial and market information tools.

Our clients use analytics to:

  • gain insights into their competitive position;
  • keep across their competitors’ activities to stay a step ahead of the market;
  • inform decisions regarding innovation and IP portfolio management;
  • understand and communicate enterprise value to prospective investors;
  • identify partner opportunities in IP transactions - joint ventures, licensing or sale/purchase of IP assets; and
  • identify opportunities for passive revenue streams.

With a deep understanding of the data sources available and experts who can find what is relevant, our team provides insights to make smarter commercial decisions.


Patent Research

Patent research is fundamental to effective patent strategies. With over 90 million patents published globally, effective searching of the patent landscape is complex and challenging.

Our team has vast experience in tackling these challenges and gaining the insight required from patent research. Our IP analysts have backgrounds in science or engineering and deep understanding of the strengths and weaknesses in a large range of third party patent databases and tools.

Accordingly, our team navigates patent research drawing from the best tools available for any particular circumstance. This flexible and agile approach to research provides better and more efficient outcomes.

Core services of our patent research include:

  • Freedom to Operate (FTO)
  • Novelty
  • Watching 

Analytics for legal support

Building evidence for litigation support

Our patent research team has worked on some of the most significant patent litigation matters of the last 10 years. These matters include multi-jurisdictional litigation in the fields of telecommunications, smart phones, biochemistry, industrial chemicals, pharmaceuticals and mining.

The Glasshouse Advisory team collaborates with legal litigation practices to support evidence preparation and analysis. Our expert team is technically qualified in science and engineering including PhDs and with deep experience in patent databases and tools, is an invaluable technical resource in complex patent litigation.

Our experience enables us to dig deep and understand the technology and related patent landscape to identify relevant art. Our research goes beyond patent literature. Our experts are highly skilled at identifying and sourcing untapped channels to build support for evidence. For example, in one matter, we sourced and substantiated the publication of internet videos that became pivotal to determination of the case.

Through this approach, and utilising proprietary tools and techniques, we prepare and organise the details of prior art in a way that can be conveniently incorporated into evidence before the Court or Patent Office.

Commercial landscape analysis

Landscape analysis identifies competing technologies and potential licensees and collaborators. Analysis of the licensing landscape reveals the extent of licensing activity, royalty rates and active participants in the sector.

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