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Structure & growth

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In a knowledge economy, IP is essential for commercial success

Glasshouse Advisory is a unique business focused on maximising intellectual assets.

The management of intellectual assets is an area of ever increasing importance to businesses in the local and global economy. Our business is to help our clients realise the potential of their ideas, accelerate their innovations, commercialise their IP and improve the return on their investment.

Our agile and flexible approach to provide complementary services that are built on a deep understanding of IP enables better commercial outcomes, whether that is through improved funding opportunities, improved strategic alignment or improved management processes. Glasshouse Advisory connects clients to diverse thinking and a fresh perspective on IP that delivers world class insight, value and competitive advantage.

As part of Xenith IP Group, our deep experience and technical rigour helps businesses to better grasp and leverage the potential of their intellectual assets.

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"Businesses need to know where they truly sit in the competitive landscape. From this position, they can make informed decisions."

David Hughes
Executive General Manager

About Xenith IP Group

Xenith IP Group, one of Australia’s largest IP services groups, provides industry leading depth in traditional IP services in conjunction with a uniquely comprehensive suite of complementary advisory services along the innovation pathway.

The Group’s core business is to provide a comprehensive range of intellectual property services, including identification, registration, management, commercialisation, valuation and enforcement of IP rights for a broad spectrum of clients in Australia, New Zealand and globally.

With an agile approach and flexible structure, we focus on bringing the best people, systems and thinking seamlessly together, to deliver world class services, leveraging opportunity for our clients from their technologies, brands and intangible assets.

We think more broadly, more deeply and more holistically about innovation and IP, to maximise value and competitive advantage for our clients.

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Our approach

Our services are complementary to traditional consulting firms and to patents, trade marks and IP law.

The specialist nature of our firm allows us to work independently and in partnership with other professional services firms. We often partner with other firms to ensure our clients benefit from a deep range of experts in order to drive greater value from their IP.

It’s through our multi-disciplinary approach that we add value beyond traditional IP services.

Together, we offer complete end to end support across the innovation life cycle, to maximise value and competitive advantage for our clients.