Structure & growth

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In a knowledge economy, IP is essential for commercial success

Glasshouse Advisory is a unique business focused on connecting clients to diverse thinking and a fresh perspective on IP.

The management of intellectual property is an area of ever increasing importance to businesses in the local and global economy. 

Our agile and flexible approach is built on a deep understanding of IP which enables better commercial outcomes through improved strategic alignment, improved funding opportunities and improved management processes that delivers world class insight, value and competitive advantage.

As part of the IPH Ltd Group, our deep experience and technical rigour helps businesses to better grasp and leverage their intellectual property.

Mark Bisset, Executive General Manager

Part of the IPH Limited Group

Glasshouse Advisory Pty Ltd is owned by IPH Limited, a public company that is the holding company for a number of intellectual property professional services and adjacent businesses operating under different brands across the Asia-Pacific region.

Information on all legal entities forming part of the IPH Limited group is available here.

Our approach

Our services are complementary to traditional consulting firms and to patents, trade marks and IP law.

The specialist nature of our firm allows us to work independently and in partnership with other professional services firms. We often partner with other firms to ensure our clients benefit from a deep range of experts in order to drive greater value from their IP.

It’s through our multi-disciplinary approach that we add value beyond traditional IP services.

Together, we offer complete end to end support across the innovation pathway, to maximise value and competitive advantage for our clients.